Zoda Tools Introduces Two New Wire Stripping Guides

Zoda Wire Stripping Tool

Zoda Tools continues to revolutionize the wire stripping and scrapping industry by introducing two new wire stripping guides to its current inventory of 8 wire guides making wire stripping and recycling quick and easy.  With the price of copper on the rise, handymen and electrical contractors that don’t have an efficient and reliable method for recycling wires are not able to maximize their profits.  Simply using a sharp knife to strip the wires doesn’t cut it anymore.  It’s time consuming and can be dangerous often causing fingers to be cut.  The Zoda Wire Stripper solves that problem.  With its interchangeable wire guides, this 3.5 pound device is compact enough for any environment and can help you strip and recycle several pounds of wire in minutes increasing your profits up to 30%.  Simply slide the wire through the device and it exits perfectly stripped without causing any damage to the wire itself.

The secret to the Zoda Wire Stripping Tool is the wire guides. Users simply insert a blade from a standard utility knife into the tool along with the desired wire guide to quickly and easily strip wires.  Now, in addition to stripping stranded and solid 6-gauge to 16-gauge wire, plus 10-gauge, 12-gauge and 14-gauge Romex wire, the two new Zoda Tools wire guides allow for stripping 2-gauge and 4-gauge wire, respectively. With these new wire guides, professionals in the electrical, remodeling, construction and other industries can now easily strip and recycle the vast majority of wires they come into contact with including aluminum and copper wires.  For information about one of these new wire guides please send an email to scott@zodatools.com

Zoda Wire Stripping Tool

Often times we hear from our customers about ways that they have made the Zoda Wire Stripping Tool more efficient for them.  One such customer is Bill in Massachusetts who has found a way to strip hundreds of feet of wire at one time.  The secret is to mount the wire stripping tool on a flat surface, and using a bungee cord to put pressure on the blade (Bill is also testing the new wire guides). Watch the video to see how it’s done.  Since many of our enhancements and suggested uses are a result of customer input, we encourage all of our customers to share their ideas and pictures with us so we can post them on our Zoda Tools Facebook page.

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