Work Smart, Not Hard—Copper Wire Recycling Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too.

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Copper Wire Recycling can be a profitable business for the individual or company that’s enterprising enough to take advantage. Almost anyone can reap the benefits of a little hard work, but only those with the Zoda Tools Wire Stripper can work smart when they recycle copper wire.

Out of the Laboratory, Cutting Your Labor: Stripping Overhead Out of The Bottom Line In Orlando

The construction trade continues to be on the upswing in Orlando and the rest of Central Florida, and you don’t want to be left behind as the local economy gets back up to speed.

Many different trades can benefit from recycling excess or salvaged copper wire:

  • AC Technicians
  • Handymen
  • Do It Yourselfers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians

So yes, while wire stripping and recycling (particularly copper) can be a source of extra income. Many people don’t have the time to take advantage of such an opportunity—which is one of the reasons the Zoda Tools Wire Stripper was brought to the market. The unique design provides for a few distinct advantages:

  • Most wires will yield up to 30% more scrappable copper when recycled with a Zoda Tools Wire Stripper
  • Works with standard tools: a utility knife and a pair of pliers
  • Recycling wire is “green,” meaning you’re doing your part to save the environment
  • Saves wear and tear on your back and joints, and is much safer than traditional copper recycling methods.

Recycling Copper Wire Is a Simple Way For Orlando Residents to Pad Their Pockets

The Zoda Tools Wire Stripper is available for purchase and if you would like more information feel free to check out the demonstration video here. If you enjoy working smart, not hard, call 386-315-2282 to get your hands on the newest wire- recycling technology today!